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The Book

First published in 2011, The Solution Focused Way is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to incorporating solution focused techniques into everyday practice.

Solution focused methodology is increasingly used within community mental health teams, mental health charities, inpatient settings, education and business, as it is a well-structured and demonstrably effective approach. This book provides:

·         Guidance for practitioners to gain the skills they need to move from problem focused work to searching for solutions

·         A comprehensive step-by-step guide to using solution focused techniques and integrating them into existing practice

·         A brief review of the evidence base on solution focused therapy

·         Ample exercises to give to clients to help them move away from their problems to finding solutions

·         Clear instructions on how to adapt these techniques for specific populations such as individuals with substance misuse problems, individuals in crisis, anger management and working with couples.


The Solution Focused Way is a very clear and practical guide to using solution focused therapy in everyday practice and will be invaluable for all practitioners wanting to incorporate these techniques into their work.




Solution-focused work published in Therapy Today

Reviewed by Bill O’Connell

This manual describes the main solution-focused therapy (SFT) techniques along with practical tips on how to incorporate them into everyday practice. It claims to be written for anyone involved in the ‘change business’, although nearly all the material is at the therapy end of the helping continuum. Its stated primary aim is to provide an introduction to the key concepts and applications of SFT. It is in manual form – loose-leaf and the contents can be photocopied.

The author, Simon Proudlock, is a chartered counselling psychologist working both in the NHS in a crisis mental health team and in private practice.

The first two chapters explore SFT’s basic principles and effectiveness. The next two focus on the key elements that facilitate change. Chapter five offers a range of exercises to help practitioners and clients shift from a problem-focus to a more strengths-based ‘solution-construction’ mindset. Chapter six covers the main SFT interventions – problem-free talk, a not-knowing stance, the miracle question, the search for exceptions, scaling and giving positive feedback.

Chapter seven applies the model to four problem areas – crisis management, relationships, anger and alcohol abuse. These are all areas with which the author is very familiar from his own practice. Chapter eight, the longest, comprises exercises, many of which the author has used with his clients.

The manual is well organised and clear. It offers a simple, straightforward version of SFT, without going into the complex theory behind it. 

There is much of value in this book for the hard-pressed therapist or trainer new to the approach. It provides useful material for therapists who want their clients to carry out between-session tasks or the trainer who wants to encourage trainees to engage with SFT ideas.



A practical guide for the Solution Focused therapist 

By Ligia / from Amazon.co.uk


This excellent book has filled a gap in the literature on Solution Focus Therapy. Both established therapists and those embarking on a career in solution focus will find it helpful for client work. It is written with great clarity and is particularly well organized with many practical examples, exercises, and flow charts which can be photocopied for instructional use. As such it provides practical guidance which trainee counsellors and tutors will find invaluable. I really wish this book had been around when I started placement work with live clients, as it would have helped me progress more rapidly and, of course, my clients would have benefited too.


Received via email...

Further to your excellent presentation to us Occupational Therapists the other week, I ordered a copy of your book ‘The Solution Focused Way’.   

It arrived yesterday – started reading it last night – ended up staying up very late (I take full responsibility for this!). 

It looks an excellent resource – thank you for sharing your knowledge and years of experience.

Looking forward to going home to read some more!


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