• BPS Learning Centre Approved

Solution Focused Workshops

Based on his book, The Solution Focused Way, and accredited by the BPS Learning Centre, Simon offers dynamic workshops bringing to life his practical approach to using Solution Focused Therapy tools and techniques in a variety of different ways.

Delivered in small, interactive workshops of no more than 25 people, The Solution Focused Way workshops are an ideal start to learning and using this versatile tool.


The workshop orientates practitioners to the key elements of Solution Focused Therapy (SFT) and the history and research behind it. A large part of the workshop helps practitioners to change their focus from looking and working with the problem to helping clients find solutions. The basic elements of building solutions are taught with ample time given for participants to practice.  The workshop trains people how to look at their work through a solution focused framework, and ends with a brief overview of how SFT can be used with clients in crisis, with individuals who have an addiction, with couples and for help in managing anger.


Learning outcomes and objectives:

  1. Understand the history and efficacy of SFT
  2.  Learn about what SFT is and how it differs from other therapies
  3.  Refocus the stance of the therapist from problems to solutions
  4.  Gain a rudimental knowledge of how to build solutions with clients
  5. Learn about how SFT can be applied to different areas of work 


Who Should Attend...


Psychologists, Counsellors, Psychotherapists, GP's, HR Professionals, Coaches, Teachers, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Psychiatrists, Mental Health Workers, Community Psychiatric Nurses


And Why...


The programme is designed to allow participants to learn SFT as an adjunct to their current skills and abilities rather than as a replacement way of working. SFT is presented in a way that is applicable to a range of different professionals working in an array of settings. Exercises in the workshop are designed to be replicated with client groups. The skills presented in the workshop are specifically designed to be directly applicable to the work setting of the individual and of value to the employer.



Feedback from workshops:

·         “Really beneficial  – another perspective – made me think differently”

·         “Really good session – very useful skills introduced and new perspectives”

·         “Thank you for the training it really equipped me with doing my job in a better way and in a confident manner”

·         “Thank you. It was of great interest and benefit to the team and myself”

·         “A very thought provoking model which makes you look differently at things not always focusing on the problem”

·         “Very good – explained well”

·         “The most practical informative training I have attended in a while”

·         “I enjoyed the training very much and found it informative. It was delivered professionally and confidently. I will definitely be using the skills learnt in m y future practice.”


Bespoke Training:


Want the Workshops delivered in your workplace and designed for your staff team?

No problem.

The Solution Focused Way workshop can be modified to fit in with the individual requirements of your service.

Previously workshops have been delivered specially tailored to children and family services and NHS Crisis and Home Treatment Teams. Please contact me for further details.